Progress is deeply rooted in Audi's DNA, is subject to constant redefinition and was jointly translated into the new brand identity in line with the revised brand strategy.
Following the 2016 relaunch, which was also accompanied by Strichpunkt, the new brand design is now initiating the next stage of development visually and in brand management: innovative, precise, passionate, and, above all, consistently digital.
One key feature is that for the first time the Audi rings and the corporate Audi font are to be used in communications flexibly and with varying line thicknesses.
Even in times of crisis Audi has proven that it is one of the strongest and most valuable brands in the world, and is setting a clear message of progress. With high flexibility and bold use of defining basic brand elements, the attitude of progressive premium and the new claim "Future is an attitude" becomes visible.
In this 60-minute online session, we will be joined by the Head of Audi Brand, Henrik Wenders, to give an insight into how we have incorporated "Progress" into the brand DNA and visual design, and what opportunities new technologies and modular design offer in brand management.

Who is this online session interesting for?
- Decision-makers of brands who have to master the balancing act between digital and emotional brand management
- For all those responsible for brands who are looking for global and efficient brand management
- All brand decision-makers who want to broaden their horizons and are open to new approaches and methods in brand management
  • How is progress achieved through branding?
  • How does the fusion of digital and emotional brand management lead to success?
  • What does holistic brand management mean and what brand strategy is Audi pursuing?
  • What does the new Audi branding look like and what requirements must it meet?
  • What conditions must be created technologically and in design in order to be successful not only in strategy, but also in the roll-out and application of branding?
  • 15 minutes Q&A session
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    Henrik Wenders
    Head of Brand, Audi AG
    Henrik Wenders, after completing his apprenticeships and studies in business administration with a focus on marketing and communications, held consulting positions at the Grey Group and Jung von Matt, among others. From 2002 to 2016 Henrik Wenders held various management positions at BMW AG. He was most recently responsible as Vice President Product Management BMW i for communication, sales and aftersales in the electric car division.
    He moved to what is now Byton Ltd. in October 2016, first to Hong Kong and then to Shanghai. In his position as Vice President Marketing he developed the globally present brand. He was also responsible for digital and vehicle product management as well as the development of an after sales & service and market entry strategy. Within three years he worked with teams in China, Europe and USA to develop Byton into a global all-electric premium brand. Henrik Wenders’ strengths lie in his extensive experience in China, his entrepreneurial spirit and his solid handling of the topics of electric mobility and digitalization. Henrik Wenders became Senior Vice President Audi Brand in 2020 and has since then further sharpened the global brand strategy. The brand campaign "Future is an Attitude," which was created under his leadership, illustrates the transformation toward sustainable and digital premium mobility.
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    Denis Fegeš
    Senior Art Director, Strichpunkt
    Denis Fegeš is Senior Art Director and a major player at Strichpunkt. After three years at Strichpunkt Denis worked on digital brand campaigns and relaunches at Jung von Matt. He came back on board in 2019 and has since then worked on a variety of national and international branding projects.
    In addition to a very solid understanding of brands and design, Denis was able to bring his entire experience in the communications field as well as his digital background to the Audi project. For the Audi relaunch 2020/2021 he was one of the leading minds in the design team.
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    Nico Wüst
    Head of Design Systems, Strichpunkt
    As Head of Design Systems, Nico Wüst is responsible for the further development of design and strategy in branding projects at Strichpunkt. After professional stations at MetaDesign in Berlin and LostBoys in Amsterdam, among others, he has been working at Strichpunkt since 2005. He has played a key role in shaping numerous branding projects for Audi, DFB, Vorwerk and EnBW, to name just a few. With a deep understanding of strategy and design, Nico successfully drives clients' work on their brands. In addition, Nico Wüst teaches design strategy and usability in the master's program at HTWG Konstanz.