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Creating Extraordinary Careers - Q&A with Stever Robbins

About This Webinar

Are you worried about your career? Curious? Ambitious? Whether you're employed, wanting advancement; early-career, wanting to design your career; mid-career looking for a change, or self-employed, here's a chance to get insight and answers into how to approach your career.

Come join Stever Robbins for an open-format Q&A session about careers. We will cover participant-generated topics. Sample topics might include:

• How do I think about planning my career (or the next phase)?
• How do I position myself for advancement?
• What are the skills I need to develop to succeed working for others?
• Is starting my own business right for me?
• My boss is stalling my career. What can I do?

I'll be taking questions from registered attendees in advance, and then working with and coaching them live during the webinar.

While I don't pretend to have all the answers, I have some novel perspectives and useful information about what it takes to make a great career happen. Ask me anything about careers, job, or life planning. We can cover how to design your career, when to resume-build versus skill-build versus reap the rewards, how to negotiate, how to manage a difficult boss, choosing and preparing for a job transition, establishing a reputation, or anything else you like.

Stever has over a decade's experience coaching people around careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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Webinar hosting presenter Stever Robbins
The founder of this community, I'm an executive coach, podcaster, author, and speaker. My productivity podcast, The Get-it-Done Guy, has been a top-10 iTunes business podcast every week since 2007.

Previously, I've been co-founder of three companies (including the late JobTacToe.com), part of nine startups and four IPOs. My history includes co-leading the design team for the Foundations module of the Harvard MBA program, and developing dozens of professional trainings on a wide range of topics from building social capital to project management.

My interest in careers was sparked while doing alumni career coaching at the HBS Career Placement office. I'm also a coach for the MIT Community Catalyst program. My educational creds include a Master Trainer Elite in NLP, graduation from W. Edwards Deming's Quality College, an MBA from Harvard, and a Bachelor's degree from MIT.

I've been featured in the media in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Entrepreneur.com, on ABC News Now, MSNBC, and CNN-fn.
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