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    Blame it on COVID-19. Or globalization. Or changing demographics, economic shifts, increased competition, or rapidly changing technology.

    Whatever the reason, every association executive everywhere is, or will soon, face the need to lead or participate in a strategic change. In some instances, the need for change will be substantial.

    But change – especially significant, organization-wide change – can be a difficult, time-consuming process. It requires leadership, buy-in from the board, and the support of staff or volunteers.

    And yet, change is the new normal and essential to any association that wants to remain competitive and relevant in a disruptive marketplace.

    Learn from association executives who are leading a change initiative, and glean valuable tips on how to launch a change initiative in your own organization.

    Innovating to Engage Members During Crisis

    During the pandemic -- a time of great stress and challenge for nurses – the American Nurses Association quickly innovated and launched strategies and deliverables which proved highly successful in recruiting and retaining members. In fact, ANA is receiving a 2021 Gold Circle Award for its virtual summit, plus the Overall Excellence Award for its Member Acquisition COVID Surge. Learn how ANA managed organization-wide, meaningful change which successfully engaged and grew membership.

    Steve Fox, Vice President of Membership and Constituent Relations
    American Nurses Association

    Carol Cohen, CAE, Director, Membership Development
    American Nurses Association

    Innovating to Deliver Member Value

    Associations are innovating to engage their members in new and different ways. Learn from an association amping up its focus on member benefits and another which is in the process of creating a digital first membership. There’s much to learn from their journeys toward greater relevance, member value, and change.

    Molly Soat, Vice President, Professional Development
    American Marketing Association

    Sharon Kneebone, Executive Director
    National Society for Histotechnology

    Innovating to be Member-Centric
    Learn from an association completely revamping its membership model and another that’s been innovating the membership model since its founding. Whether your association is just starting a changemaking process or considers innovation a core value, there’s much to learn from associations representing each stage of the journey.

    Mary Lue Peck, President and CEO
    National Speakers Association

    Julian Scadden, President and CEO
    Nexstar Network
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    • Innovating to Engage Members During Crisis
    • Innovating to Deliver Member Value
    • Innovating to Be Member-Centric
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