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Tue, Apr 27, 2021 · 4:00 PM · 1 hour

SRT Teaser Class: Arts & Design

Tue, Apr 27, 2021 · 4:00 PM · BST
About This Webinar

Live session with University of the Arts London

You are invited to participate in an interactive creative workshop focused on the creation of abstract images and design possibilities. The overall aim of the workshop is to give you the chance to explore and experience design thinking that results in unexpected ideas and possibilities…

The workshop will start with ‘collage’ and you will be guided through stages to create montaged design concepts. We will focus on ideas around division | subtraction | addition | multiplication. Whilst these are traditional tools used in mathematics, we are going to use these to develop design ideas that will change and evolve step by step, stage by stage.

Materials and resources, you might need:
This is an indicative list of the resources that you will need to participate in this workshop:
• Scissors / cutting knife and surface to cut onto
• glue or double sided sellotape
• Collage materials such as old magazines / photos / images / mixed media
• Paper / drawing materials such as pencils, pens, colour such as paint, ink or markers
• Access to a phone / laptop (both if possible) plus a secure internet connection *

Please note:
• There are limited places and if you sign up, there will be some pre-preparation required (more details to be shared but this will focus on sourcing images and mixed media such as such as magazines, print outs, old books, papers… Some selected imagery will need to be cut out in advance of the workshop due to the limited time)
• Please note we encourage you to be as creative and resourceful as you can be by sourcing the materials and resources from your home
• You will also need: access to a good internet connection, a laptop and / or a phone (ideally both if possible)

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