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How to Create Science Experiences

About This Webinar

This is a live workshop, a co-lab of learning and sharing ideas.

For scientists, researchers, and science communicators, this is an opportunity to interact with a variety of experts in a unique forum of learning to help you improve your public outreach for a more meaningful, lasting connection with the public.

• Discover what a 'science experience' is and why it's so important.
• Learn how to craft your message and tell your research story.
• Use blogging and social media to build an audience.
• Develop quality videos to build your own channel.
• Understand how to turn data into amazing user experiences.
• Share your questions and ideas directly with the presenters.
• Get access to helpful resources for organizing your outreach.
• Connect with other communicators to build a support network.
• Join our invite-only Science Experience group on Facebook.

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Webinar Price: Free
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Nic DiPalma
Founder & CEO, SpacetimeLabs
Webinar hosting presenter Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer at The SETI Institute and host of the Big Picture Science Radio Show
Webinar hosting presenter Scott Morgan
Author of "Speaking About Science," communications, public relations, and news media consultant.
Webinar hosting presenter Paul M. Sutter
Astrophysicist at OSU, Host of "Ask a Spaceman" YouTube and podcast series, and Chief Scientist at the COSI Science Center in Columbus, OH.
Webinar hosting presenter Hunter Whitney
Senior Consultant, Author of "Data Insights," Instructor at UC Davis Coursera: Data Visualization and UX Design
Webinar hosting presenter Paige Jarreau
Blogging "From the Lab Bench" and Science Communication specialist at Louisiana State University.
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