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Digital People and CX in the Metaverse

About This Webinar

As the primordial metaverse emerges, people’s digital interactions for communication, commerce, and customer service will expand beyond simply typing, tapping, clicking, and swiping in 2D to become more embodied. A company’s digital presence must include 3D environments and objects, and even Digital People, rather than disembodied bots that rely only on words. But why?

The answer is because communication between humans consists not only of what we say but also of body language and facial expressions that convey emotion, empathy, trust, and deeper shades of meaning.

Learn more in this new, previously recorded webinar.

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Guest Speaker and VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester
David researches innovation, tools, and best practices at the intersection of technology and design, with a focus on conversational AI (voice and text virtual assistants or chatbots), the metaverse, extended reality (augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality), and other emerging technologies.

Prior to joining Forrester, David worked in the software industry for eight years after discovering his passion for technology and design while developing motion graphics and games in Z-80 machine code as a high school student for fun and then researching neural networks as an undergraduate studying cognitive science, AI, philosophy of mind, and linguistics. He began his career as a software engineer coding in NeXT Objective-C and designing UIs in NeXT Interface Builder, then immersed himself in various emerging technologies applied to the web, including public key cryptography and VRML 3D interactive graphics. He also founded a web video production and motion graphics company two years before YouTube existed, directing and producing 340 videos for clients throughout the US and Europe as well as a series of 20 documentary shorts about topics in science, technology, and design.

David holds a BA in cognitive science from Amherst College where, in his senior honors thesis, he predicted the ascent of neural networks two decades before they displaced traditional rules-based approaches to AI. He also holds an MA in the history of ideas from St. John’s Graduate Institute, Santa Fe. Prior to college, David grew up in France, where he earned a baccalauréat from Lycée les Eaux Claires.
Webinar hosting presenter
Host and VP of Strategy at Soul Machines
Shantenu is VP of Strategy at Soul Machines where his focus is setting the strategy for the future of AI at Soul Machines by working with innovative partners and creating products that will accelerate the commercialization of new AI research and increase AI adoption across industries. He led several AI products both at Soul Machines and prior at IBM Watson where he was part of the original team that created the strategy to commercialize the platform. He believes that this is only the beginning of how machines and humans will interact symbiotically and is excited to improve the human condition. Shantenu earned his Undergraduate & Master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information about Soul Machines, please contact Shantenu at shantenu@soulmachines.com.
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