About This Webinar
Skydio is ushering in a new era of autonomous drone inspection at 9am PT on June 2nd, 2021 at the US Space and Rocket Center. With the Skydio 2, we proved that a drone designed around groundbreaking AI-powered autonomy can set a new standard for the industry. Now, we are ready to supercharge enterprise and public sector programs by changing the way we use and experience uncrewed aerial systems. Join us to learn how the latest advancements in Airborne AI mark a turning point in drone operations, allowing any operator to easily capture inspection data and generate vivid and useful 3D Models.

“Across the industry, increasing levels of autonomy are helping drone operators complete more jobs in less time to meet the growing demands brought from America’s renewed focus on infrastructure.” - Danielle Gagne, Commercial UAV News, “Why America’s Infrastructure Needs the Drone Industry”

For Skydio’s most important announcement of all time, we are hosting our biggest-ever event. You won’t want to miss it. Register now to receive updates and online access!
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    Adam Bry
    CEO, Skydio
    Adam Bry is co-founder and CEO at Skydio, the leading US drone company, and the world leader in autonomous flight. He has two decades of experience with small UAS, starting as a national champion R/C airplane aerobatics pilot. As a grad student at MIT, he did award winning research that pioneered autonomous flight for drones, transferring much of what he learned as an R/C pilot into software that enables drones to fly themselves. After graduating from MIT, Adam co-founded Google[x]’s Project Wing. He has co-authored numerous technical papers and patents, and was also recognized on MIT’s TR35 list for young innovators. He currently serves on the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee.
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    Hayk Martiros
    VP, Autonomy, Skydio
    Hayk was the first engineering hire at Skydio and he leads the autonomy team. He is an experienced roboticist who develops robust approaches to computer vision, deep learning, nonlinear optimization, and motion planning to bring intelligent robots into the mainstream. His team’s state of the art work in UAV visual navigation of complex scenarios is at the core of every Skydio drone. He also has a deep interest in systems architecture and symbolic computation. His previous works include novel hexapedal robots, collaboration between robot arms, micro-robot factories, solar panel farms, and self-balancing motorcycles. Hayk is a graduate of Stanford University and Princeton University.
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    Alden Jones
    VP, Customer Success, Skydio
    Alden previously founded and led American Tower Corporation’s UAS program, which conducted 20,000 automated inspections per year. Alden’s team trained 175 existing employees to become UAS pilots and built a custom back-end automated post-processing system for analysis. We will also explain why next-gen autonomous drones are a game changer when it comes to scaling a drone program efficiently.
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    Dean Miller
    Virtual Construction Engineer, Sundt Construction
    Dean Miller started his career as a Wildland Firefighter and worked as a carpenter on his days off. For six years this was his routine until his love of construction took over. He continued construction until he was the General Manager of a small residential construction company. In this position, he explored the possibilities and advantages of creating 3D models before construction began. Pushing the limits of this technology, Dean ended up at Sundt Construction as a Virtual Construction Engineer and was presented with drones as an entire new way of creating and presenting 3D models and maps. Fast forward to today and Dean is leading Sundt’s drone program and is still trying to push the limits of this technology.