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Shifting left compliance

Wed, Jul 15, 2020 · 3:15 PM · London
About This Webinar

Validating compliance has been typically an infosec and audit teams’ burden. With a need of keeping delivery and production up to speed and the increased adoption of modern cloud-native stacks, organisations realise that compliance can be made part of the CI/CD pipeline process. This allows to detect violations early so developers can address them before production while monitoring compliance validation as a continuous process, not only pre-deployment but also during runtime and post-incident, auditing and conducting forensics.

In this session we will go through practical examples of security implementation in your CI/CD pipeline beyond vulnerability scanning with NIST, PCI, GDPR, etc.

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Integrations Engineer at Sysdig
Álvaro is a solutions engineer at Sysdig. Before that, he worked in an IoT and financial micro-transactions company for 11 years as a Ninja developer. Then, he discovered he had been doing the fuzzy concept of DevOps when Adidas hired him for CI/CD support and platform engineering. He loves dissecting things to discover the internals, but only for tech stuff, not living beings. Alvaro was also the founder and leader of AMSN (an open-source clone of MSN messenger) project several years ago.
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Product Manager, Sysdig
Mateo is a Kubernetes & microservices fanatic, who spends most of the day getting in the shoes of the user at many different levels: UX, requirements analysis and POCs. All his former job positions revolve around the confluence of human experience and software, having worked as Evangelist, Project Manager and Tech Writer.
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