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About This Webinar

This is a recurring webinar running bi-weekly on Sundays at 10 am PDT from 31 May - 9 Aug 2020.

This program focuses on providing Sikh teens with a nonjudgmental safe space to, through dialogue, explore spiritual awareness, personal understanding, mutual understanding, moral character, and ethical awareness. We will focus on one topic each session, providing a framework rooted in Gurbani, Sikh History, and Lifestyle for students to develop their unique Sikh perspective on current social and political issues and personal journeys.

Session Breakdown:

Lesson 1: Identity: Society vs Self (31 May)
Objective: Explore individuals' self-perceptions and outside perceptions of the individual; explore issues of race, bias, and identity.

Lesson 2: Women: From Amritsar to Washington (14 June)
Objective: Understand Disparities between precept and practice and draw parallels between the treatment of women in the US and India

Lesson 3: Love: Experience the Divine (28 June)
Objective: Explore the meaning of Love in the context of cultivating a personal relationship with IkOankar-1Force, and to think more about our personal Sikhi journeys.

Lesson 4: Mental Health (12 July)
Objective: Understand the growing mental health epidemic

Lesson 5: Relationships: Explore the Beliefs (26 July)
Objective: Explore Sikh perspective on relationships, including a case study on non-traditional relationships

Lesson 6: Gender: Confront the Sexuality (9 August)
Objective: Explore questions of purity and impurity / sexuality in the context of Gurbani and culture

Language: English
Who can attend? Everyone
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Jasleen is a UVA grad in Religious Studies, focusing on South Asian Religions through the lens of literature and poetry. She is currently working as a Researcher with SikhRI. She is passionate about projects that create comfortable spaces for community members of all ages and backgrounds to engage in dialogue and learn from one another. She hopes to eventually go back to school in pursuit of a Ph.D. in either religious ethnography or history, and fulfill her dream of teaching and learning from others.
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