Join us on Friday, May 7th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT as we partner with Literally Media and Know Your Meme, the world’s leading experts in online culture, to discuss how to successfully leverage memes in your marketing strategy to increase brand exposure while creating an authentic connection with your audience. Our experts will share their tried & true social media strategies, tips for increasing engagement, & more. With these expert insights, you’ll go viral (for the right reasons) in no time.

1-1:25pm ET/10-10:25am PT | Intro to Memes | Know Your Meme’s Editor-In-Chief, Don Caldwell, shares his expert insights into meme culture. Learn the many benefits of meme marketing, the recipe for a successful post, & how to avoid potential missteps when it comes to using memes.

Speaker: Don Caldwell, Editor-In-Chief of Know Your Meme

1:25-1:55pm ET/ 10:25-10:55am PT | Ask the Experts | Our panel of experts take the stage to answer all your questions on what it takes to create a successful meme marketing campaign and discuss how they’ve used memes to increase brand awareness & authentically connect with their audience.

Nathan Allebach, Social Media Manager, Allebach Communications
Don Caldwell, Editor-In-Chief, Know Your Meme
& Gina Tash, COO, My Therapist Says

Moderator: Deborah Kadetsky, SVP of Audience & Partner Development, SHE Media
Fri, May 7, 2021 · 1:00 PM EDT
Deborah Kadetsky
SVP of Audience Development, SHE Media
Deborah is the SVP of Audience & Partner Development for SHE Media, where she is responsible for understanding and growing the SHE Media Partner Network, including Owned & Operated properties BlogHer, SheKnows, & STYLECASTER. She manages a centralized team responsible for multi-channel content distribution, traffic and research analysis, and site recruitment, all in support of cultivating the SHE Media audience.
Don Caldwell
Editor-in-Chief of Know Your Meme
Don is a journalist and consultant with long-standing interests in technology, new media and internet culture. His work has appeared on Vice, What’s Trending and CBS News.
Nathan Allebach
Social Media Manager, Allebach Communications
Nathan Allebach is a social media manager, writer, and the creative lead for Steak-umm Meats at Allebach Communications. He writes about internet culture, misinformation, and brand trends on social media. His work has been featured in Adweek, The Wall Street Journal, Vox, Washington Post, and more.
Gina Tash
COO, My Therapist Says
Gina has always been passionate about marketing, blogging, pop culture and current events. Studying psychology in university has helped her in her extensive marketing and business career. Predicting trends in branding, marketing, and pop culture is a passion of hers. This experience helps her run the operations at @MyTherapistSays.
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