"What is a Better Job Anyway?" is a webinar to help smart, driven emerging leaders answer important questions before and during a new job search.

A better question is: What is a Better Career?

It will also help emerging leaders know who Share On Purpose is and why we might be a better place to work.
  • What Is a Better Career Anyway?
  • Why Fit Matters
  • What Fit Means
  • Leadership Development
  • Next Steps
Terri Maxwell
CEO and Founder
My purpose is to INSPIRE Potential. I was born to help others find their SPARK.

I was born to help people like you become your best self, and reach your biggest dreams.

My gift is growing businesses.

I am on a mission to change the way business is done - THROUGH conscious business, meaning building companies that DO good, and make the world better.

I created Share On Purpose to launch and invest in ideas that solve key business challenges.

Working with a team of emerging leaders, who like you, wanted something MORE....
Share On Purpose does two things:
1) Cultivates game-changing businesses through the Share Cultivator™
2) Invests in meaningful ideas through the Share Speculator™

Each cultivated brand started with a solution to a marketplace problem and is now run by one of our employees who participated in our Leadership Development Program.
This webinar will show you…
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    Career Options for Emerging Leaders
    If you're ready for a meaningful career, and want to be developed by an amazing executive team, this webinar is for you.
  • 1640883141-007422fe4fff8e45
    FIT Matters
    We'll talk about what FIT is, why it matters and how to achieve it.
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    What is a Better Job, Anyway?
    You'll learn how to assess what a better job means to you, and determine if Share On Purpose could be that.