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(ICWS 2020) A Reputation Based Hybrid Consensus for E-commerce Blockchain

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Abstract: Blockchain can achieve non-tampering, non-repudiation, consistency and integrity that other data management technologies do not have. Especially in peer-to-peer networks, the decentralized nature of blockchain has drawn tremendous attention from academic and industrial communities. Recently, the field of e-commerce has also begun to realize its important role. Although blockchain technology has many advantages in achieving trust establishment and data sharing among distributed nodes, in order to make it better to be applied in e-commerce, it is necessary to improve the security of transactions and the efficiency of consensus mechanisms. In this paper, we present a reputation based hybrid consensus to solve the problem of transaction security and efficiency. Our scheme integrates the reputation mechanism into transactions and consensus, and any improper behavior of nodes will be reflected in the reputation system and fed back to a new round of transactions and consensus. We implement distributed reputation management and enable users to append new reputation evaluations to the transaction that has previously evaluated. Meanwhile, we demonstrated that the scheme can defend against existing attacks such as selfish mining attacks, double spending attacks and flash attacks. We implement a prototype and the result shows that our scheme is promising.

Authors: You Sun and Rui Zhang (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Rui Xue (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Qianqian Su (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China); Pengchao Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Email: sunyou@iie.ac.cn, zhangrui@iie.ac.cn, xuerui@iie.ac.cn, suqianqian@iie.ac.cn, lipengchao@iie.ac.cn

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You Sun is a Ph.D. student with the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She received the B.S. degree in software engineering from Northeastern University in June 2017. Her research interests include Blockchain, consensus mechanism, privancy-preserving, etc.
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