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(ICIOT 2020) Risk Assessment of Vehicle Sensor Data as a Vending Object or Service

About This Webinar

Abstract: "Connected cars generate a huge amount of vehicle data during operation. In the future, the amount of sensor-generated data will continue to increase. The connectivity of the cars, more powerful processors, and improved telematics and navigation systems will allow the amount of data to grow further. Vehicle data provides a basis for a large number of business models. In addition to selling vehicles, automobile manufacturers can generate additional revenue by selling vehicle-generated data as goods or services. First, a typology of vehicle data is described in order to derive value potentials of data products. Motivated by the value perspective, risks in data transfer to third parties are often neglected. In order to assess these risks, a new risk management model for intangible products like data is presented. The main phases of the risk assessment procedure are walked through, outlining possible criteria and metrics in each phase. Finally, the model is demonstrated by evaluating risks of data transfer to third parties in the automotive industry, using the example of vehicle-generated road segment data (RSD)."

Authors: Frank Bodendorf (Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany); Jörg Franke (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

Email: frank.bodendorf@faps.fau.de, franke@faps.uni-erlangen.de

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