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(ICCC 2021) Robotic Arm Movement Compliance Detection

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Abstract: In the digital twin design of CloudMinds Robot, there is no collision detection. When migrating human motion to CloudMinds Robot's motion, if collision detection is not performed, check whether the migrated motion is compliant, which will cause damage to CloudMinds Robot. This solution will be designed and modeled on the Webots open source platform, reproduce the CloudMinds Robot in the same scale, and control the loading action of the robotic arm to solve the collision problem. It will also timely feedback the collision information and the motor on the robotic arm under the premise of not wearing the mold. The angle of rotation will also have a warning light to remind the collision. This research plan provides a reference for migrating human motion to robot motion and encountering collision problems.

Authors: Hengyi Zhou, Cheng Cai and Xuhui Li (Shanghai Dianji University, China)

Email: 1269633765@qq.com, cheneychengcai@163.com, 1091448214@qq.com

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