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(CLOUD 2020) Online Tutoring through a Cloud-based Virtual Tutoring Center

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Abstract: Online tutoring has gained popularity in recent years, which allows students to get tutoring service from tutors in an online, virtual environment. To support effective online tutoring, an integrated online tutoring system is essential. This paper presents a cloud-based virtual tutoring center that supports online tutoring for college students to complement the tutoring service of physical tutoring centers on a campus. We present the overall architecture of the virtual tutoring center system and show preliminary results of using the virtual tutoring center to provide online tutoring for computer science students.

Authors: Xiaolin Hu, Sai Tabdil, Manisha Achhe and Yi Pan (Georgia State University, USA); Anu Bourgeois (GSU, USA)

Email: xhu@cs.gsu.edu, stabdil1@student.gsu.edu, machhe1@student.gsu.edu, pan@cs.gsu.edu, anu@cs.gsu.edu

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Xiaolin Hu is a Professor of the Computer Science Department at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, Tucson, in 2004. His research interests include modeling and simulation theory and application, complex systems science, agent and multi-agent systems, and advanced computing in parallel and cloud environments. His work covers both fundamental research and applications of computer modeling and simulation. He was a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award recipient.
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