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(BigData 2020) Dissecting Biological Functions for BRCA Genes and their Targeting MicroRNAs within Eight Clust

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Abstract: The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) estimated that 12.4 percent of women born in the US will develop breast cancer in their lives. The goal of this study is to identify common biological signature (ex. Gene Ontology or GO terms) for breast cancer candidate genes and miRNAs among these eight clusters identified through bioinformatics method in our recent study. The eight "communities" or clusters for Breast Invasive Carcinoma (BRCA) generated in our previous study are performed for functional annotation in this study. We observed that among all the GO terms enriched in top five groups of these eight clusters, Transcription, Lumen, Nucleolus, and Nucleoplasm are enriched the most, followed by Nucleoside binding, Nucleotide binding, and ATP binding. Two clusters among eight contain three or more previously reported breast cancer risk genes. We examined these clusters in terms of pathway association for miRNAs targeting the breast cancer risk genes, and found that 18 of 26 targeting miRNAs are involved in breast cancer related pathway PI3K-Akt. Our study showed that many miRNAs targeting breast cancer cluster genes are also associated with breast cancer related pathways, which provide evidence that some miRNA and genes pairs likely contribute to breast cancer in the context of their targeting relationship.

Authors: Yining Zhu (British International School of Houston & Next-Gen Intelligent Science Training, USA); Ethan Sun (Seven Lakes High School, USA); Yongsheng Bai (Next-Gen Intelligent Science Training, USA)

Email: yining_zhu@houston.nae.school, ethansun@gmail.com, yongshengbaicool@gmail.com

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My name is Yining Zhu, and I am a current senior in The British International School of Houston. I enjoy researching outside of school, so I spent over a year under Dr. Bai's guidance to research into breast cancer-related topics. In my free time, I enjoy singing and playing musical instruments.
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