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(AIMS 2020) Review Spam Detection Based on Multidimensional

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Abstract: Review spam detection aims to detect the reviews with false information posted by the spammers on social media. The existing methods of review spam detection ignore the importance of the information hidden in the user interactive behaviors and fail to extract the indistinct contextual features caused by irregular writing style of reviews. In this paper, a new review spam detection method based on multi-dimensional features is proposed. The method utilizes the principal component analysis to get low-dimensional features to characterize the user-product relationship. Then, a neural network constructed with nested LSTM and capsule network is trained to extract textual context features and spatial structure features. Finally, the model combines the text and user behavioral features as the overall features, which are used as the input to the classification module to detect spam reviews. Experimental results show that the F1 value of our proposed method is 1.6%~3.5% higher than the existing methods, indicating the efficiency and effectiveness of our model, especially on the natural distribution datasets.

Authors: Liming Deng (Fuzhou University, China); Jingjing Wei (Fujian Jiangxia University, China); Shaobin Liang, Yuhan Wen and Xiangwen Liao (Fuzhou University, China)

Email: n180320048@fzu.edu.cn, weijj@fjjxu.edu.cn, mailshaobin@163.com, 136267190@qq.com, liaoxw@fzu.edu.cn

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Deng Liming,born in 1995,Master Student.His research interests include opinion mining and sentiment analysis. E-mail:n180320048@fzu.edu.cn.
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