Youth Work in the 2020s
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Taking place over four consecutive days, you are invited to take part in a series of live sessions from 1.00-3.00pm, Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th November.

The registration fee of £99 +VAT (£118.80) will give you access to all of the sessions listed below as well as the recordings accessible on-demand, which you can view in your own time for up to three months after the live event.


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Sessions in this Online Conference
  • Day 1 | 2nd November 2020
    1.00-2.05: The 10 Year Vision for Youth Work and Youth Work Workforce
    Leigh Middleton, Paul Fenton, Abbee McLatchie & Chris Murray
  • Day 1 | 2nd November 2020
    2.25-3.00pm: Participation & Youth Voice
    Antonia Dixey + #YouthVoice Pioneers, Participation People
  • Day 2 | 3rd November 2020
    1.00-1.35: Tuesday Keynote - Evaluation and Impact
    Bethia McNeil & Gill Millar
  • Day 2 | 3rd November 2020 | 1.35pm
  • Day 2 | 3rd November 2020
    1.55-2.25: The Future of Universal Youth Work
    Kathryn Morley, Alistair Dale, Abubakar Buwe, Karen Edwards OBE, Helen Taylor
  • Day 2 | 3rd November 2020
    2.25-3.00pm: Empowering Young Women & Girls
    Flavia Doherty, Getaway Girls
  • Day 3 | 4th November 2020
    1.00-2.00pm: Keynote 3 - Re-imagining Schools
    Caroline Sharp, Tony Gallagher & Jonathan Hopkins
  • Day 3 | 4th November 2020
    2.00-2.30: Contextual safeguarding and youth work settings
    Paula Skidmore
  • Day 3 | 4th November 2020
    2.30-3.00: Youth Work in Health Settings
    Johanna Fitzsimmons + RedThread's Youth Ambassadors
  • Day 4 | 5th November 2020
    1.00-1.50pm: Panel Discussion - Opportunity Guarantee - Employment and Training
    Laura-Jane Rawlings, Sam Windett & Seyi Obakin
  • Day 4 | 5th November 2020
    2.10-3.00pm: Panel Discussion - Investing in the local youth offer
    Baroness Diana Barran, Jo Rich and Young People in the Lead Team for the Nati...
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