Streaming Mon 6th - Fri 10th December 2021 | 6pm – 7pm (GMT)

With 10 hours of incredibly current topics, Wounds Week 3 will give a chance for the wound care community to come together in these difficult times, engaging in key education free of charge.

Each session has a live Q&A so participants can benefit from one-on-one interactions with the experts and engage in the event, no matter their COVID-19 situation. All our sessions are CPD-certified, and you will receive a certificate for watching on-demand too!

The registration process takes just a minute. There is nothing to install or set up, simply register and fill out your details. Follow along on Twitter at #WoundsWeek3
Wound Week 3 Sessions
  • Monday 6th December
    Implementing pathways to enhance wound healing globally
    The biggest barrier to effective wound care in South Africa is its non-recogn...
  • Tuesday 7th December
    Necrotizing soft tissue infection, a surgical view
    Soft tissue infections continue to be commonplace in the practice of all fron...
  • Wednesday 8th December
    New technologies in wound management for stalled and painful wounds
    Despite many advances in the clinical and scientific understanding of the cau...
  • Thursday 9th December
    Nutrition in Wound Healing
    There is abundant literature to support the importance of proper nutrition in...
  • Friday 10th December
    Where are globally with managing lower limbs? (debate)
    A third of all wounds occur on the lower limb, with the majority of lower lim...

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