The Whole Truth About Residential Schools: Then and Now

About This Webinar Series

“Nelson’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation goes beyond the development of educational resources. It includes supporting the development of a deeper understanding of our shared history and how this history can be meaningfully addressed within the learning environment.”

- Linda Isaac, Citizen of Alderville First Nation and National Director of Indigenous Education, Equity and Inclusion at Nelson

This series is about learning and teaching the history of Indian Residential Schools in Canada. Teachers will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the Residential School System, and the intergeneration impacts and actions resulting from the Indian Residential School Settlement agreement. Recommended resources and practical strategies will be shared to prepare teachers to guide and support their students' learning about residential schools in K-12. Educational leaders will learn how to support educators teaching about residential schools while engaging parents and community as they seek ways that they can support this important work.

In conjunction with this series, Nelson will be making a donation to the Legacy of Hope Foundation, a national charitable Indigenous organization with the mandate to educate and create awareness and understanding of the residential school system.
Sessions in this Webinar Series
  • The Truth About Residential Schools
    • This session will offer opportunities for all stakeholders in the education system to learn about the full, accurate and honest his... View more
  • The Role of Educational Leaders in Supporting Residential Schools Learning
    • This session will include practical and easy-to-implement strategies for leaders to move conversations into action. • As administra... View more
  • Strategies for Teaching About Residential Schools: How and When
    • As educators, you will walk away from this webinar with practical strategies, tools, and resources that you can use in your learnin... View more
  • Continuing the Conversation: Action Across School Communities for the Long Haul
    • So, now what? This webinar will provide all stakeholders within the education system with the opportunity to consider how they can ... View more