VNA 101 Bootcamp Webinar Series

About This Series

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNA 101 Bootcamp Webinar Series hosted by Applications Engineering Lead Subbaiah Pemmaiah, features beginniner technical content regarding various aspects of VNA use. This series combines valuable RF theory with relevant measurement demonstrations to provide a complete understanding of the basics of a VNA topics. Viewer submitted questions are answered throughout each webinar.
Sessions in this Series
  • Basics of a VNA
  • Importance of Calibration
  • VNA 101 Bootcamp: How to Automate Measurements with a VNA
  • VNA 101 Bootcamp: Typical VNA Measurements
    In this webinar we will look at typical RF device measurements using a live d...
  • VNA 101 Bootcamp: Advanced Calibration Techniques
  • VNA 101 Bootcamp - Mass Production Testing with a VNA
    We will discuss how to setup and automate VNA measurements for mass productio...

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