Virtual Roadshow: Investor Series

About This Series

Leaderonomics is a cause-driven leadership development firm whose primary purpose is to solve society’s challenges through leadership transformation. We believe that anyone can positively and significantly make a difference in our communities and organisations. Leveraging our Science of Building Leaders framework, developed from years of extensive research, we enable organisations and individuals to achieve meaningful goals. That framework now guides our processes in developing successful, effective leaders, wherever they are.

The launch of this Fundraising Series to raise RM3 Million in partnership with Fundnel Limited Malaysia, a licensed ECF platform, to invite you to get to know more about our Digital, Corporate and Community arm. We will be hosting a series of Live Webinar with our leaders and representatives to engage with you and to go in depths about our framework, vision and mission.

The funds raised will be utilised for global expansions, contributions, and scaling especially on our highly successful digital platforms such as NECOLE, Happily, Leaderonomics Academy etc.
Sessions in this Series
  • Virtual Roadshow Series - Introduction to LDR Digital
  • Virtual Roadshow Series - Introduction to LDR Corporate
  • Virtual Roadshow Series - Investment Pitch Out
  • Virtual Roadshow Series - Introduction to LDR Community
  • Virtual Roadshow Series - Introduction to LDR Digital