The Ultimate Church Structure
About Ultimate Church Structure (UCS)
For over 20 years, StartCHURCH, has been the leader in church planting, ministry compliance, and church growth overall. It all began with the vision of one of the original founders of StartCHURCH, Raul Rivera, who for years hosted the (over 8 hour) Ultimate Church Structure seminar at conferences for hundreds of Pastors. Now more than ever, fledgling churches are searching for the best way to get started on the right legal footing.
Ultimate Church Structure
  • SESSION ONE: The Legal Steps to Proper Formation
    From Legal Formation to Founding First Steps
    Every journey in life begins with FAITH. Faith that your calling, is from the Lord, faith that you will have the tools you need to truly protect what the Lord has placed before you. StartCHURCH Founder, Raul Rivera has taught these steps to conference centers full of (literally) hundreds of Pastors, Preachers, and teachers of the Gospel, just like you. Experience the clarity that God's vision on your life demands through the lens of 20 year church planting veteran, Raul Rivera.
  • SESSION TWO: Growth Strategies
    Every Ministry Must Be Lead, Funded, and Protected
    Growth Strategies - Every ministry must be lead, funded and protected. (“It’s important that you understand that to lead today, you must LEAD TODAY! The key, say no to only using “traditional ways” of leading, funding and protecting your ministry. Let me give you today’s NEW NORMAL when it comes to leading your
  • SESSION THREE: Pastoral Leaders and Financial Moves
    Protect What God Has Called You to Lead
    Regardless of whether you are in ministry or not, both the world around us as well as the Bible teach us that every good leader, if nothing else, understands the financial aspects of their organization. In this session, Pastor Raul Rivera helps you understand some of the more intimidating aspects of your call to ministry.
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