Turing the "slow" time into "GO" time!

About This Office Hours with Becca

Schools are closing. Events are postponing. And business might be running a little bit slower than usual for you. And that is OKAY. Take this odd slow time as your time to do the things in your business that you kept putting off because you were too busy.

Have you been putting off setting up workflows? Have you been delaying getting your forms in Dubsado? Whatever you've been delaying doing, now is the time to set it up. Don't know how or where to start?! We got you!

These one hour sessions is a dedicated time where during that hour you can come ask your questions live with me via chat, screenshare, or video with others. How do I set up a payment schedule? I can show ya right then and there. Just an open line, open dialogue so we can answer your questions faster!
Sessions in this Office Hours with Becca
  • Session 1: Turning the "slow" time into "GO" time!
  • Session 2: Turning the "slow" time into "GO" time!