Travel DAZE 2020

About This Conference

Thought-provoking keynotes, interviews and panels, presented virtually.

Rebuilding a sustainable future.

Travel DAZE 2020 will bring together the best minds from within the travel industry along with external experts to foster its recovery. The industry has battled its share of disruption from natural disasters, political upheaval and terrorism to internal battles with technology, direct selling and cost cutting. But a pandemic? These unprecedented times have brought the industry to its knees, decimating travel and tourism globally. How do we rebuild and re-emerge stronger than ever? What will the recovery process look like? Will a holistic approach be the winning ticket? Travel DAZE will explore what tangible steps business owners, travel agents, tour operators, marketers and communication specialists can take toward rebuilding a sustainable and profitable future. The industry is in shock, but success can be forged through adversity. Let’s evolve to recover.
Sessions in this Conference
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Bouncing back in our own backyard: The domestic-led rebuild of Australian tourism
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Striking the right balance between environmental and economic sustainability
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - The future of agents, agencies and AFTA
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Executing a multi-stage recovery plan
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - How to reorganise, pivot and grow in a pandemic
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Hand in hand: How Intrepid Travel is helping Peru maintain its sustainable tourism focus
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - ‘Bubble’ talk: How Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand are preparing for two-way travel
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Setting the course: How the cruise industry is laying new foundations for the future
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Applying the ‘rear-view mirror rule’ in 2020
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Tourism, the natural world and a sustainable post-COVID future for both
    While the travel industry hopes to get back on its feet as quickly as possibl...
  • Travel DAZE 2020 - Flight Centre's five-year recovery roadmap

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