Total Rewards Asia 2021 (Singapore)

About This Summit

In an age of stiffening competition and increasing pressure to do more with less, no organisation can afford to ignore the strategic value that a well-designed total rewards system can provide.

If you think that having a basic foundation with market salary and the usual benefits driven by cost conservation is enough, think again. This conference will urge you to go back to the drawing board and understand the motivators for pay. While clocking in 9 to 6 feeds livelihoods, peel back the layers and uncover the true meaning of work. Where does your employees’ purpose lie?

It’s about time that you redefine your rewards to cater not only to the demand of the current workforce, but also be open enough to reflect on the need for tomorrow.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Total Rewards Asia Summit: Day 1 (Singapore)
  • Total Rewards Asia Summit: Day 2 (Singapore)