Talking Hedge Toronto 2020: A Virtual Conference

Innovative Portfolio Solutions with Alternative Strategies & Structures

Our personal and professional lives are forever changed by the global pandemic. Perhaps more than ever, a new era in alignment of interests and strategic partnerships is here to stay. Sophisticated investors seek customization of investment strategies, and operational efficiencies that are designed both to drive performance and reduce management costs.

Join our webinars for compelling discussions between institutional investors, allocators, managers, solutions providers, and academics as we explore the plethora of highly innovative, tailor-made solutions that are redefining the use of alternatives in a diversified portfolio.
Sessions in this Virtual Conference
  • June 5
    Shoulder Season: Hedging Between Two Economic Crises
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  • June 12
    Negative Rates vs High Volatility: Can Traditional Macro Strategies Navigate the New Norm?
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  • June 26
    A Fresh Focus on ESG & Responsible Investing: Where Are We Now?
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  • July 10
    Opportunities in Dislocated Assets
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  • August 14
    Customized Solutions: A Fad or a New Norm?
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