The Thriving Force; Self-Care, Wellbeing and Self Compassion
The Thriving Force
The Thriving Force is a series of 3 webinars, hosted by Emma Bell and co-hosted with Annie Tibbit, on GWC Plus.

Following the success of Emma's webinars in late 2020 and early 2021, we are excited to present our first series with Emma on GWC Plus. Attendees can register for the series which gives you access to all 3 webinars, allowing you to maximise on Emma's expertise and advise.

In this webinar and video series Emma will be sharing some of those ‘secrets to thriving’, exploring why self-care and self-compassion are vital for ‘Thrivers’ and how to set self-care goals that stick. We will also look at the single greatest blocker to fulfilling personal potential, and how to remove it, and create a confidence trigger to keep you focused on creating the future you want.

Each live webinar will be accompanied by a workbook with coaching questions for you to work through, to bring about real change.

We have included a small registration fee of £20.00 which gives access to all three webinars and recordings.
This Series Has 3 Sections
  • Webinar 1/3 on Wednesday 27th October, 5pm
    Why Self-Care is Vital to Thriving
    'Why Self-Care is Vital to Thriving' is the first webinar in a three part series, The Thriving Force, on GWC Plus.

    Join Emma to discover what self-care is and all about the self-care paradox. Emma will also talk to us about what gets in the way of self-care , how to find your 'why' and a develop a new narrative to thrive.

    This is a 30 minute webinar, hosted by Emma Bell and Annie Tibbit. There will be a workbook given to all attendees to accompany and support the content.
  • Webinar 2/3 on Monday 22nd November, 5pm
    8 Blockers to Building Self-Care Habits and How to Overcome Them
    In the second webinar of the Thriving Force Series, Emma will help us to discover the 8 blockers to self-care and enable us to find ways to develop self-care habits that stick.

    This will be a 30 minute, live webinar with Emma and Annie with an accompanying workbook.
  • Webinar 3/3 on Monday 13th December, 5pm
    Why and How to Cultivate Self Compassion
    Emma will discuss why self compassion is so important and how it is closely intertwined with self esteem. We will discover all about the approval Trap and the Feedback Paradox and how we can cultivate self compassion through daily practices.