The Third Path Book Club: Building an Intentional and Responsive School Community

About This Book Club

How can you rebuild a strong and healthy school community?

This school year join Dr. David Tranter in this 10-session series that will help you create a school environment that supports mental health, well-being, and achievement. Each short 20-minute session will examine the fundamentals of The Third Path framework and a closer look at one of the eight conditions.

The series will feature discussions with other educators and school leaders as they share practical strategies for implementing a relationship-based approach to support the well-being of students and teachers.

Thousands of educators across Canada have already adopted The Third Path framework and have built intentional relationships with their students to foster safe and responsive learning environments.

"This is a powerful model for those in leadership to consider when we think about how we work with staff."

"It's going to be important now more than ever to establish and re-establishing those connections"

Sessions in this Book Club
  • Session 1: An Overview of The Third Path Framework
    Join Dr. David Tranter as he introduces his framework The Third Path.
  • Session 2: Equity Every Day: A Comprehensive Approach
  • Session 3: Emotional Safety To and From
    Dr. David Tranter discusses emotional safety to and from within the context of the Third Path Framework.
  • Session 4: Regulating (Rather Than Removing) Difficult Emotions
    In this session of the Third Path Book Club, Dr. Tranter discusses regulating (rather than removing) difficult emotions.
  • Session 5 Building Belonging: Every Connection Counts
    In this session Dr. Tranter discusses the importance of building belonging in our classrooms.
  • Session 6: Positivity, Pygmalion & Golem: Mindset Matters
    The importance of mindset with the Third Path Framework is the focus for this session with Dr. Tranter
  • Session 7: Fully Engaged: Learning and the Whole Student
  • Session 8: Identity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Session 9: Maximizing Mastery Moments
    Maximizing mastery moments will be the focus of Dr. Tranter's session.
  • Session 10: Meaning Matters Most
    The final session in our Third Path Book Club.