The Sustainability Series
The Sustainability Series
Our Sustainability Series aims to highlight the many challenges and opportunities presented to us in tackling the climate crisis, by exploring the impact humans have had on the environment over time, whilst encouraging our duty to be agents of positive change. Led by experts in their sector, these talks will make the case for environmental action and hope for the future.

The GWC Sustainability Framework will be officially launched during the first of these talks, sharing our plan to reduce our environmental impact as a community and improve the positive contribution that the school makes to the sustainability of our planet.

Webinars in this series
  • Tuesday 5th October, 6pm
    The UK's path to Net Zero
    Paul Van Heyningen OBE, Deputy Director, Net Zero Electricity Networks
  • Tuesday 23rd November, 6pm
    Climate Change: The state of our planet and how are choices can make a difference
    Our climate is changing, temperatures are rising and we are seeing more extreme weather events across the globe. Many countries and organisations are joining the race to net zero 2050 to limit global warming. All eyes are on the global climate conference COP26 in Glasgow in Nov 2021 to put climate pledges into practice. We are currently far off track when it comes to keeping warming to well below 2C, the goal of the famous Paris Agreement.

    The main focus of this talk will be to assess the outcome of COP26 and explore how our choices can help make a difference, with a specific focus on the important role of finance in helping to decarbonise the planet. As Head of Climate Change Strategy at Aberdeen Standard Investments, Eva will bring practical examples of how climate change risks and opportunities should be incorporated into investment decisions and why this should matter to everyone with savings.
  • On Demand
    S6 Assembly with Eva Cairns, Head of Climate Change Strategy, Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • The future belongs to the young; Appreciating and sharing Scotland's natural environment
  • What are your sustainable development goals? How to contribute to the decade of action