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"Hi Marilyn,

Little update on the finances, for the first time in 4 years both my business and personal bank accounts have + above 0 balances!!!!! It is major! I am really happy I reached this first milestone and I am sure it wouldn't have happened without your great support.

Next milestones are to clear all debts and the make this positive balance climb to over £5K per month in business and in the personal one save for a deposit on an apartment in London (my main residence will remain X with my boyfriend, but a London solid base will give me peace of mind and a work base too).

Just though I would share my happy news from today ;-)


Clients who were talented but not fully using their gifts have gone on to speak on stages across the country and gotten new paid commissions for the work they love to do.


First of all, let me say what it is not. It is not designed as a get rich quick programme or a programme to have money fall in your lap (however that has happened for participants in my Magic Programme). It is designed as the first step in changing your relationship with money and the limiting beliefs or negative connotations that you might both consciously and unconsciously have around it.

Yes, many of my clients do go on to transform their finances and make and attract a lot more money however I can't guarantee exactly what will happen with you, particularly in a 28-Day online process where I am not so involved in assisting with the transitions, transformations, and changes.

Designed to bring together a number of the cutting edge tools, techniques, therapies, and processes that I have specialised in over the past 13+ years, it is my most through process yet for focusing on the issue of money.


If you identify with any of the common frustrations around money then this Programme is definitely for you:

In a place of almost constant 'lack' when it comes to money
You are great at 'manifesting' everything besides money
Even when money comes in it goes out just as fast, often in larger amounts
You feel as though there there 'something' deep inside blocking your flow and abundance
Your relationship with money doesn't make you feel good
You are always struggling to keep up or 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'
The boom and bust seems like a never-ending pattern or internal programme
If you have said 'Yes' to any of the above then this Programme is definitely for you.

One of the patterns that I noticed in myself, and saw reflected in many people around me was being able to make money and then something would happen, an unexpected bill or demand of some kind and 'poof' it was gone again, sometimes in even greater amounts.

The 1-Day Video Workshop will give you an experiential of the 28-Day eCoaching Program and bring the Daily Exercises to life in an new way.


There is a 28-Day Money Breakthrough eCoaching Program based on the live Breakthrough Coaching Format. Some elements, such as the Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, and Time Line Therapy are not included in the 28-Day home study portion as they are designed as individually tailored modules, however a selection of the exercises from the live personal Breakthrough Programme are included as Modules in the 28-Day eCoaching Program.


Individual Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are also available where we work not just on theorising about the past and current patterns, but on uncovering old beliefs, re-aligning values, appreciating what money really means, and changing and transforming your mindset so you can go beyond the current limitations.
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