The Keys to High-Performance Composites

Explore dynamic composite processes, product tips and industry applications in this webinar series!

About This Webinar Series

This three-part webinar series delves into various composites manufacturing processes, including LCM techniques like VARI, RTM and WCM, emphasizing the role of curing agents in optimizing performance. It also explores continuous processes such as filament winding and pultrusion, discussing their advantages, Evonik's product recommendations and applications in infrastructure, marine and transportation. Additionally, it examines SMC and prepreg technology, highlighting their benefits, challenges and how Evonik's products enhance composite performance across automotive, aerospace and sporting goods industries.
Sessions in this Webinar Series
  • The Keys to High-Performance Composites:
    Liquid Composite Molding
    Part one introduces liquid composite molding processes, emphasizing epoxy curing agents' role in achieving high-performance composites.
  • The Keys to High-Performance Composites:
    Continuous Processes
    Part two explores continuous composite manufacturing processes, highlighting product recommendations and diverse applications.
  • The Keys to High-Performance Composites:
    Semi-Finished Goods
    The final session examines SMC and prepreg technology, showcasing Evonik's product recommendations for enhanced composite performance.

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