Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers : The Ultimate Course

About This Summit

Are you a yoga teacher (or a fitness/wellness instructor) trying to finding an excellent social media marketing strategy? If this is the case, then this is the course for you.
Social media marketing is a fun way to send new students/costumers your way.
It will also help you to promote your brand and boost your income.

Join this course now ( 3 master classes 2 hour long each).

What will we work on this course?

Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teacher โ€“ Best Tips to Know

1. Create a Robust Strategy

2. Determine Your Major Platform

3. Stay Engaged : photos - videos - live or reel?

4. Add Value to Your Social Media Feeds

5. Find Your Niche

6. Use Hashtags #

7 Engagement and promotion

8. Build and Optimize Your Website

9. Instagram Analytics

10. How to create your social media aesthetic

11. What is an Instagram aesthetic?

12. What does aesthetic mean in marketing?

13. Teaching yoga online

14. Tutorials and online classes.

15. What is a sequence.

16. Into to the Art of Sequencing

What will you achieve with this course?

1) Create YOUR BRAND.
2) Design, build and maintain your social media presence (website + marketing + social media).
3) Build YOUR community on social media and grow your audience.
4) Monetize your audience in an authentic and organic way.
5) Run your brand/business and create stability + thrive during these changing times.
6)Learn the basics of online teaching and introduction to the "art of sequencing' - a method you can apply to online and in person classes.

* The first 20 STUDENTS that register for this course will receive a one on one mentorship on social media marketing.

*Every class can be taken live or via recording (all classes will be available on demand).
Once the live ends you will receive the recording of the class that will be yours forever.

Once you started the series - refunds are not available.

Credit might apply.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Create your brand - Social Media Marketing the Ultimate Course #1
  • Content Creation and aesthetic for Yoga Teachers
    Sunday, February 19, 2023 ยท 2:00 PM EST
  • Online teaching and working with brands - the ultimate course
  • Content Creation and aesthetic for Yoga Teachers

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