Ship Navigation and Route Optimization
About this Virtual conference
Statistacally, every year, more than 5,000 shipping containers are lost overboard, not to mention ships being damaged, crews injured, and lives lost. That makes safe navigation and optimizated ship routes essential for ship and crew safety. But efficient ship routes and navigation not only crucial for safety it benefits on fuel and time which helps owners to meet financial and enviromental targets. On this 2 days online event Ship Navigation and Route Optimization our aim is to discuss more about following subtopics:

• Guidelines for safe ship navigation
• Automous ship reality: future AI-based navigation systems
• Ship speed variation
• Minimizing fuel consumption and time by route planning
• Maximum efficiency by analyzing data
• Weather forecasting methods for voyage efficiency

Our mission is to identify cost-effective solutions to enhance vessel safety and efficiency while protecting the environment. Happy to welcome you two days discussions
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