Shift Virtual Career Summit

Get Ready for the Future of Work

Shift 2021 is the premier virtual conference designed to provide people with the skills and insider knowledge they need to thrive in today’s workplace. People will leave this one-day event hopeful and ready to invest in themselves and advance their careers.

Join hosts Laurie Ruettimann and Mary Ellen Slayter on
June 17, 2021, 9:30 AM -5:00 PM Central
for a FREE all-day virtual event.

See below for speakers & sessions!
15 Sessions to Rock Your World
  • Kick Off Your Day With Coffee with Laurie and Mary Ellen!
    Hear the story that inspired this event.
  • Learn How to Be an Adult With Julie Lythcott-Haims
    Being a grownup has never been easy.
  • Lead Across Time Zones & Cultures With Dima Ghawi
    Build trust and nurture relationships.
  • Recalculating: 5 Rules to Navigate Through the Changing World of Work with Lindsey Pollak
  • Six Steps to Successful Negotiations
    How comfortable are you with negotiating? We all negotiate a variety of issue...
  • Chat + Q&A with Minda Harts
    Stay true to your values while making a real change within the system.
  • Career Durability: Building Essential Competencies for Your Future Career
  • Developing Resilience and Overcoming Challenges
    Building a growth and resilient mindset will allow you to handle any challeng...
  • How to Succeed at Jobs That Don't Exist Yet
    Christopher Bishop has a fascination for how careers and jobs will be transfo...
  • Once Upon a Job Search: Storytelling & Video Interviewing to Secure the Gig with Mike Ganino
  • The Leadership Mentality with Angela R. Howard
    Develop this crucial human skill.
  • Stop Living on Autopilot with Antonio Neves
    Based on the bestselling book Stop Living on Autopilot, this highly-rated tal...
  • Manage Your Career in a Winner-Take-All World with Neil Irwin
    The economy is changing, fast. How should you adapt? Neil Irwin, a leading ec...
  • A Powerful Personal Brand That Skyrockets Your Influence, Impact & Income with Mike Kim
    Build a personal brand that elevates your influence and authority.
  • Building Relationships in the New World of Work
    Join us for a Q&A with Allyssa Eclarin and your chance to win a gift from Pos...

Get ready for the new world of work.