See Us, Learn Us: Teaching About the Black Canadian Experience - Recorded Spring 2021

About This Series

Truth north strong and free. Canada’s strength lies in the rich mosaic of cultures. This is reflected in school populations, however, not always in the curriculum. As a result, many students complete their academic careers with limited knowledge about the important contributions and experiences of Black Canadians. This engaging and interactive webinar series will provide Grades 5 to 12 educators with a historical foundation, resources, and ideas necessary to learn and teach about the Black Canadian experience. Educators will see how cross-curricular connections about the Black Canadian experience can be meaningfully represented in the education of our students.

Please note this is a recorded series from the spring of 2021. Join us for participating live in this series starting in January 2022. For more information please visit
Sessions in this Series
  • [Session 1] First Comers: (Matthieu D, the Enslaved and the Loyalists)
  • [Session 2] Freedom and Opportunity: From the Underground Railroad to the Coal Mines of Nova Scotia (19th to mid-20th Century)
  • [Session 3] The Caribbean and African Presences Grows (mid-20th Century on)
  • [Session 4] Diversity in Historic Black Canadian Communities
  • [Session 5] Canada's History of Anti-Black Racism
    In this session we will discuss: • Personal anecdotes • Definitions of terms...
  • [Session 6] Get Up, Stand Up! Black Canadian Resistance and Civil Rights Movements
  • [Session 7] The Diversity of Black Communities in Canada Today
  • [Session 8] Black Canadian Achievements in Athletics, Creative Arts, and Business
  • [Session 9] Black Canadian Achievements in Effecting Change
    • Highlighting achievements of Black Canadians in the fields of o Education ...