See Us, Learn Us: A New Perspective on Teaching Identity, Belonging and the Black Canadian Experience

See Us, Learn Us: A New Perspective on Teaching Identity, Belonging and the Black Canadian Experience

This engaging and interactive on-demand webinar series will provide you with new perspectives on strengthening identity and belonging at school through teaching and learning about the Black Canadian experience.

This five-part series uses video, music, spoken word, and practical resource ideas to engage participants and build the confidence that is needed to address the current realities of Black Canadians across school and district communities.

Engaging in this series will help all educators and staff across districts to: acknowledge that racism is a current and systemic problem; educate themselves about overt racism and the impact of racial microaggressions; take meaningful steps to persist through challenges and mistakes through a journey of learning and growth, with mutual respect and appreciation for the diversity and richness within Black Canadian communities.

All participants will receive an individualized professional learning certificate upon completion of this series.

This five-part series is available for individual registration or can be purchased for school-wide or district use. Contact your Nelson representative here.
Sessions in this Series
  • Session 1: Early Black Presence in Canada
    The recorded presence of Black people in Canada dates to the 1600s. This session will focus on forging an identity in a new environme... View more
  • Session 2: Black Canadian Communities
    Many diverse Black Canadian communities emerged across Canada starting in the early 1900s and continuing to the present. This session... View more
  • Session 3: Anti- Black Racism and Resistance
    From enslavement until present, systemic anti-Black racism has been prevalent in Canada but it has always been met with intentional a... View more
  • Session 4: Black Canadian Culture
    Black Canadian communities are very diverse. As a result, there is an emerging culture comprised of elements from the many Black popu... View more
  • Session 5: Black Canadian Excellence
    Black Canadians have made significant contributions to Canada in ways that defy the stereotypes often portrayed in the media. This s... View more

Bring the Black Canadian Experience into the Classroom