Scrappy Consumer Research for Founders
$195 - Training Bundle for Founders in Three 2-Hour Sessions
This 3-Part online course explores the fundamentals of 1) Research Design, 2) Data Collection and 3) Data Analysis/Interpretation for CPG founders who need behavioral insight into why their repeat buyers keep coming back. Includes discussion of specific tools, when and how to bring in outside expertise and a free survey template to use with your own fans. Register now for the entire series at a 20% discount off the a la carte pricing of $85 per session.

Format is an audio webinar and audio on demand after the live event.
This course Has 3 Sections
  • Session #1 - Research Design - July 10 at 12PMPDT
    1. Setting Your Research Goals 2. Key Tools for Data Collection 3. Designing Quick Online Surveys 4. Designing Qualitative Research
  • Session #2 - Data Collection - July 24 at 12PMPDT
    1. Key Quantitative Tools 2. Basics of Mini-Survey Design 3. PGS survey templates 4. Qualitative Interviewing Basics 5. PGS sample interview questions
  • Session #3 - Data Analysis/Interpretation - Aug. 7 at 12PMPT
    1. Cleaning survey data 2. Basic pattern analysis in qualitative data-sets 3. Key Lines of Inquiry to Follow 4. Simple, but, insightful charting 5. Interpretive guide-lines w/real world examples
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