Risk and Performance Summit
Following its successful launch in 2019, Fund Business presents its 2nd annual 'Risk and Performance Summit'.
About This Forum
This year's event features a brand-new, extensively-researched agenda and speaker lineup for 2020, offering a selection key topical themes in risk modelling and performance measurement: a must-attend for senior risk and performance practitioners.
Sessions in this Forum
  • What’s next? Stress-testing risk in 2020
  • Liquidity in focus
  • Beyond reporting: the performance feedback loop in practice
  • Rebalancing: the performance perspective
  • Currency attribution in focus
  • Is your Board on board? Communicating performance to management
  • Beware of model risk: re-thinking risk modelling in a crisis
  • Unlisted assets: Golden goose or Achilles’ heel?
A must-attend for senior risk and performance professionals.