Resources Rising Stars Gather Round 2024

About This Investor Conference

This one-day investor conference will be live-streamed from the National Wine Centre in Adelaide on Thursday 4 April 2024, featuring presentations from 26 companies offering outstanding exposure to the resources sector.
Sessions in this Investor Conference
  • DevEx Resources (DEV), Boss Energy (BOE), Kin Mining (KIN), Astral Resources (AAR), Australian Rare Earths (AR3), Trek Metals (TKM), Rox Resources (RXL)
  • Spartan Resources (SPR), Astute Metals (ASE), Eastern Metals (EMS), Calidus Resources (CAI), Mitre Mining (MMC), Gold Hydrogen (GHY), Sun Silver (SS1)
  • Bellavista Resources (BVR), Centaurus Metals (CTM), FireFly Metals (FFM), Talisman Mining (TLM), Greenvale Energy (GRV), Capella Metals (CAP), Thunderbird Resources (THB)
  • Bellevue Gold (BGL), Alligator Energy (AGE), Great Western Exploration (GTE), Legacy Minerals (LGM), Kingsland Minerals (KNG), Commentators' Corner Panel Discussion

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