REBOOT | Digital (Canada)
REBOOT Digital is a training event series for youth 12-18. As students, you know what it’s like to be surrounded by questions. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. In the face of so many questions, how can you keep your faith strong? Are you prepared to answer the questions and objections of your friends and classmates?

At REBOOT, no question is off limits, whether questions asked from within the Christian faith, or questions from those without faith. The RZIM team gives you the space to think through some of the toughest challenges to Christianity and equip you to live out your faith at high school. You will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from members of RZIM’s Global Speaking Team. REBOOT is designed for students 12-18, youth groups, and their leaders.
  • Jun 2 | 7:30 PM
    Does Prayer Really Do Anything?
    Daniel Gilman
  • Jun 4 | 7:30 PM
    Identity - Who Am I, Really?
    Lou Phillips
  • Jun 9 | 7:30 PM
    Where is God in a coronavirus world?
    Amy Orr-Ewing
  • Jun 11 | 7:30 PM
    Would Jesus Have Socially Distanced?
    Vince Vitale
  • Jun 12 | 7:30 PM
    Live Q and A
    Vince Vitale, Alycia Wood, Lou Phillips, Daniel Gilman
  • Jun 16 | 7:30PM
    Alone in a Crowd: Thinking Deeply About Loneliness
    Alanzo Julian Paul
  • Jun 23 | 7:30 PM
    Does God Even Care About my Suffering?
    Jo Vitale
  • Jun 30 | 7:30 PM
    Is God Against My Freedom?
    Logan Gates
  • Jul 3 | 7:30PM
    Q&A: No Question Off Limits
    Jo Vitale, Alanzo Julian Paul, Nathan Betts, Logan Gates
  • Jul 23 | 2:00 PM
    So Much Evil? Where’s God?
    Nathan Betts
  • Jul 30 | 2:00 PM
    The Problem of Forgiveness
    Logan Gates
  • Aug 6 | 2PM
    Finding Purpose in an Age of Anxiety
    Kasey Leander
  • Aug 13 | 2:00PM
    Beauty & the Existence of God
    Alanzo Julian Paul
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