PT Tech Days

Join us every Thursday starting October 8th. Never miss out by registering for the entire series, or click on a session below to register for individual sessions.

About PT Tech Days

Coming this October, Plastics Technology’s Tech Days are half-day, interactive webinars, in which, up to four companies will share their knowledge on a particular plastics processing topic. Each speaker will be provided a 30-minute presentation. Following the individual presentations, all speakers will participate in a PT Editor-led panel discussion utilizing live questions from the audience. Tech Days are free to attend and are streamed live directly to registrant’s Internet browsers.

Upcoming Sessions
    Medical Molding
    If you already serve this market, would like to get started in it, or win eve...
    Medical Extrusion
    The ongoing global pandemic has shined a light on the importance of plastics ...
    Green Molding
    Injection molders are responding to customers’ and brand owners’ goals of gre...
    Single Screw Extrusion
    Tune in and learn about best practices in screw design, troubleshooting, and ...
  • October 22nd @ 10am EST
    Hot Runners / Molds & Tooling
    Hot runners have long lent efficiency and repeatability to injection molding,...
  • October 22nd @ 2pm EST
    Technology leaders shine a line on this often overlooked, and critically impo...
  • October 29th @ 10am EST
    Digital Manufacturing
    More and more equipment in a molding cell can not only tell you how well it’s...
  • October 29th @ 2pm EST
    Best practices in devolatilization and reactive extrusion plus tips on using ...
  • November 5th @ 10am EST
    Automation Done Right
    With the need for social distancing and adjusting for possible staff shortage...
  • November 5th @ 2pm EST
    Film Extrusion
    Technology innovators in blown and cast film systems and critical components ...
  • November 12 @ 10am EST
    Establishing & Maintaining a Robust Molding Process - Part 1
    How do you start up a new job and get it molding good parts on cycle in the s...
  • November 12 @ 2pm EST
    Learn more about novel feeding and blending techniques that enable you to mor...
  • November 19th @ 10am EST
    Establishing & Maintaining a Robust Molding Process - Part 2
    How do you start up a new job and get it molding good parts on cycle in the s...
  • November 19th @ 2pm EST
    Learn about new approaches and best practices to materials conveying to help ...
  • December 3rd @ 2pm EST
    Sheet Extrusion
    From packaging to industrial sheet, new developments in high-speed extrusion ...
  • December 10th @ 2pm EST
    Process Mold / Cooling
    More than anything, cycle time drives the productivity of an injection moldin...