The Proudfoot T-Lab. A Transformation Masterclass Week

Discover Ideas Worth Implementing November 1 - 5, 2021

5 Days. 5 Sessions. A Proudfoot Transformation Lab Event of Ideas Worth Implementing

We are flipping the odds on transformation success. Proudfoot has delivered 50,000 successful transformation engagements helping over one million leaders through their journeys to remarkable results. In this event, leaders from across the globe will share their unique approach to transformation, so you can flip the odds of success in your favor.

In this transformation learning event of the year, global consultancy Proudfoot is sharing their lessons from 75 years of leading change. They know how to create value, implement pragmatic solutions with sustainable bottom line impact, and deliver lasting behavioral and cultural change with people. This event, the Proudfoot T-Lab, is a Transformation Masterclass providing you with a framework to deliver lasting results improvement and transformation in your business.

Proudfoot's Transformation Lab:

  • Who should attend? Leaders at every level. From the C-suite to the front line

  • What does it deliver? Meaningful insight, practical tools, and pragmatic solutions from those who have delivered successful transformations

  • How will it apply? The crossing of industry and cultural boundaries brings lessons for all sectors and functions
    And, it serves up a good dose of inspiration!

  • You will finish each session armed with some of the latest insights and a few of the critical tools required to transform your organization.

In the opening keynote, Proudfoot CEO Pamela Hackett will share the latest findings from the 2021 "What The Best Led are Doing Now" Study.

  • A boots-on-the-ground account of learnings from the pandemic

  • Conversations with more than 6000 leaders in the last 18 months

  • Lessons from 50,000 transformation engagements

  • And, the one common element of success - which may surprise you. Hint: it's not technology!

Each day then follows with a keynote masterclass on the most crucial aspects of transformation - people, operations, and technology, followed by an interactive panel discussion from the experts.

We round off the week with an animated discussion on how ESG, particularly Net Carbon Neutral actions need to go beyond reporting, come alive and be baked into business today with commitment not compliance.

Business transformation is a required core capability for all organizations in today's emerging post-COVID world. It must be at the top of every Executive Team's agenda, along with resilience and managing through disruption, change and uncertainty. The new reality is clear. If we are to build back better, transforming business by focusing on people (humanize), operations (optimize) and technology (digitize) concurrently, is essential. Increasing your odds of success to be in your favor is a must. But how?

Don't miss this event and the opportunity to participate in the dialogue about transforming your business in 2021 and beyond.

Sessions in this event
  • Day 1: High Performing Organizations
    What The Best Led are doing now
    HUMANIZE. OPTIMIZE. DIGITIZE. What The Best Led are doing now. After 50,000...
  • Day 2: Humanize
    How managing to engage is the launch pad for remarkable results and change
    Engage. Enable. Energize. Nothing moves until people move! At the heart of P...
  • Day 3: Optimize
    Building a safe, engaging and productive business that can keep improving
    By Jon Wylie, Managing Partner Americas, Proudfoot
  • Day 4: Digitize
    Creating value for all stakeholders through digitalization
    Users Don't Adopt. People Do. Great things happen at the intersection of peop...
  • Day 5: ESG Enterprise
    Beyond Reporting: From compliance to commitment across the enterprise
    By Trevor Jamieson and Andrew Xu