Phasics powerful Wavefront sensing technology | Applications in Laser, Optics and Material Metrology
Learn about Phasics patented technology and applications
What you will learn:
This webinar series has been designed in 3 sessions. Each webinar includes live demonstrations and Q&A.

We will cover Phasics unique wavefront sensing technology and applications for laser testing, adaptive optics and optics metrology.
Sessions in this Phasics Webinar series
  • February 2nd at 10 AM
    QWLSI wavefront sensing technology: a powerful alternative to Shack-Hartmann & Fizeau interferometry
  • February 4th at 10 AM
    Optical metrology with Phasics SID4 wavefront sensors, from quality control to challenging alignment
  • February 9th at 10 AM
    Laser beam profiling and adaptive optics solutions for laser facilities and manufacturers
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