Undergraduate Academic Offer


IED and Accademia Galli in Como present the new online Open Days, a day - the 13th of December, dedicated to the English courses in the Fashion, Design, Communication, Visual Arts & Communication areas, through workshops and a presentation of the academic offer.

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Online Sessions
  • Workshop
    DIY Jewelry Making - 11.30 CET
    IED Workshop The Jewelry Designer is a multidisciplinary professional, who ...
  • Workshop
    Graphic Design is Everywhere - 13.30 CET
    Workshop IED Graphic Design is not only usage of cool softwares but knowledg...
  • Workshop
    Fashion Drawing Techniques - 12.00 CET
    Workshop IED Fashion Designers are professionals who make use of their creat...
  • Workshop
    Expanding Visual Boundaries - 11.30 CET
    Workshop IED Like the world’s tidal waters, photographic creativity ebbs and...
  • Workshop
    Social Media Content Strategy - 13.30 CET
    Workshop IED Fashion Marketing and Communication professionals respond to f...
  • Workshop
    Fashion Styling Moodboard - 14.00 CET
    Workshop IED Fashion Stylists are communicators who design the visual ident...
  • Workshop
    Strategic Design Thinking - 14.00 CET
    Workshop IED The international market demands a new generation of interior a...
  • Workshop
    Transportation Design Sketching - 14.30 CET
    Workshop IED In a rapidly evolving world driven by technological innovation...
  • Presentation
    IED Italy - Undergraduate Academic Offer - 15.30 CET
    Discover IED Italy & Spain - Undergraduate courses in the English language. F...