New in Wolfram Language 12.2
About This Webinar Series
Learn about the latest innovations, features and functionality in Wolfram Language 12.2 in this free webinar series. The first webinar includes an overview of some of the 228 new functions and presentations on new mathematical and statistical functionality, with the following sections dedicated to video, image and audio computation; machine learning; visualization; bio-sequence computation; and additional topics.

Each webinar features Wolfram experts who will discuss what's new in their areas of specialty and answer your questions. Sign up once and receive email reminders and recording links to all sessions.
Sections in This Series
  • Wednesday, February 10, 12–1:30pm US CST (6–7:30pm GMT)
    New in 12.2 Overview plus Math & Stats
    This section includes an overview presentation covering some of the 228 new functions in Version 12.2 of Wolfram Language and Mathematica, two new computational domains, many enhancements to existing functionality and improvements to the user interface. Following the overview will be presentations by Wolfram developers, sharing new functionality in mathematics and spatial statistics.
  • Wednesday, February 17, 12–1:30pm US CST (6–7:30pm GMT)
    Video, Image, Audio & Machine Learning
    Learn about the latest video, image and audio features as well as new machine learning functionality from Wolfram experts.
  • Wednesday, February 24, 12–2pm US CST (6–8pm GMT)
    New in Version 12.2: Visualization, Biomolecular Sequences & More
    Discover the latest enhancements in visualization, the new area of bio-sequence computation, and new functionality for Wolfram Notebooks and working with code.
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