MESA Week 2020

About MESA Week 2020

MESA Week is over but you can still check out the videos!

We've taken MESA Day virtual this year. Introducing our first ever MESA Week!

Join us Monday-Wednesday, May 11th-14th for a week of Career Insights, College Hangouts, STEM Sparks, and Inventor Spotlights, and a special MESA Celebration on Thursday for our Seniors and MESA Students.

Every day will have a different theme:

Monday, 5/11: Healthcare (1-5 pm)
Tuesday, 5/12: Engineering (1-5 pm)
Wednesday, 5/13: Entrepreneurship for Social Good (1-5 pm)
Thursday, 5/14: Celebration Day (Graduation: 2-3 pm; End of Year Ceremony: 3-4 pm)

How to Watch: Sign up for the entire series of activities using the "Watch MESA Week" link above. To watch individual sessions, check out our specific sessions below!
MESA Week Sessions
  • May 11th - PWA Career Insights: Healthcare
  • May 11th - College Hangout: Healthcare
    College Hangout: Hosted by Oregon MESA Hear from college students in healthcare, engineering, and entrepreneurship to learn more abo... View more
  • May 11th - STEM Spark: Healthcare
  • May 11th - Inventor Spotlight: Healthcare
  • May 12th - PWA Career Insights: Engineering
  • May 12th - College Hangout: Engineering
  • May 12th - STEM Spark: Engineering
  • May 12th - Inventor Spotlight: Engineering
  • May 13th - PWA Career Insights: Entrepreneurship for Social Good
  • May 13th - College Hangout: Entrepreneurship for Social Good
  • May 13th - STEM Spark: Entrepreneurship for Social Good
  • May 13th - Inventor Spotlight: Entrepreneurship for Social Good
  • May 14th - MESA Graduation Ceremony
  • May 14th - MESA End of Year Celebration

MESA Week: May 11th-14th