About MESA Talks

MESA Talks is a conference that brings together Oregon MESA Advisors, Oregon MESA Students, as well local STEM industry, community volunteers and all interested individuals. MESA Talks will serve as a window into the different sectors of our community. Multiple speakers will cover topics such as issues of social justice, history, the teacher and student experience in Oregon, as well as possibilities and opportunities within the realm of STEM.
Topics in this Series
  • July 16th, 6-8pm
    MESA Talks 2020 - Broken & Inequitable Systems
    Join us for a conversation about how the broken and intentional design of our every day systems marked our perceptions of society and... View more
  • MESA Talks 2020 - Hidden Stories
  • MESA Talks 2020 - Climate & Environmental Justice
    MESA Talks is a series of 2-hour long (virtual) talks where we gather a panel of experts to discuss equity in reference to a STEM-rel... View more