May Inversions and Arm Balances Series

We start on 5/11/22. This month we will have 11 classes. We practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can join live or via recording.

About This Summit

Learn the foundations of all inversions and arm balances in this fun, dynamic and challenging series.
We will work on:
Forearm Stand
8 angle pose
Grasshopper pose

All levels are welcome!
Let's have fun together.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Headstand Variations Workshop
  • Unlock Your Body #1
  • Forearm stand Flow
  • Forearm stand and Backbends
  • Creating Space - shoulder opener class
  • Handstand Foundations Workshop
  • Crow Pose Flow
  • Creating pace hip opener
  • Dance on your Fears Inversions Workshop
  • Arm balancing flow
  • Unlock Your body for inversions

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