Master Class Webinar Series

VNA content by the experts at CMT for the experienced VNA user

About the VNA Master Class Webinar Series

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNA Master Class Webinar Series hosted by Design Engineering Manager Brian Walker, features high-level technical content regarding various aspects of VNA use. This series combines valuable RF theory with relevant measurement demonstrations to provide a complete understanding of complex topics. Viewer submitted questions are answered throughout each webinar.
Sessions in this Series
  • Important VNA Performance Parameters
  • Making mmWave Measurements with a VNA
    CobaltFx is a cost-effective mmWave frequency extension system capable of mea...
  • Full 1-Port VNA Calibration Math with Python Code
  • Time Domain Measurement and Time Domain Gating
    Time Domain Measurement and the Time Domain post processing feature come stan...
  • VNA Master Class: Full 2-Port VNA Calibration Math Explained
    12 Term error correction may seem daunting, but it isn't terribly difficult t...
  • VNA Master Class: Materials Measurement at 5G Frequencies with Compass Technology Group
    This webinar will demonstrate the use of free-space spot probes to characteri...
  • VNA Master Class: Effective Use of VNA “Channels” for Efficient Measurement and Analysis
  • VNA Master Class: VNA Calibration, Kits, Error Terms and Calculation

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